Why choose Signstimemovements ?

Most of our future clients approach us starting a conversation with two questions :

– How much does a watch cost ?
– What is the minimal order quantity ?

The best prices or the lowest minimal order quantity should never be the only criteria of building a product. Very often, these “bargains” productions are made at a huge loss of quality (“get what you pay for”), resulting in catastrophic consequences in both sales and services.

Dealing with both affordable and higher-end segments, we categorically refuse to compromise our client’s reputation through low quality products.

We have a very different approach.

We’re based in The Netherlands. Our Dutch mentality, both practical and open-minded, is something that our international clients are delight about.

Our approach is customer oriented. We consider our relation with our clients as a teamwork, we join forces into developing exceptional timepieces aiming toward sales success and we do our best to limit the financial risks.

How does that work ?

We develop exclusively custom made watches.

So you, as a customer, will decide the final look of your watch, and its cost. In the teamwork spirit we previously mentioned, we do try wherever possible to share our valuable work experience with you. Technical parts, engineering, or design knowledge earned with both our sales and marketing experience, our goal is your success.

Together ,we’ll build your project, identify the costs, and help you in the development/ manufacturing process.

Before starting the adventure, we will ask you the following :

  1. Do you already have a specific design in mind ?
  2. Have you defined your target group ? (Who will buy your watches and why).
  3. At what price will you be selling or aim to sell the watches to your customers ?
  4. Have you already calculated your aimed production costs and margins ?
  5. How will you sell your watches ? Through what platform of distribution ?

Purchase price.

If you already have an idea about the price which to sell your watches to your customers, and that you calculated how much margin do you need, it’s good!

It will help us to determine the adapted production price and solution (considering the finish grade, potential material suggestion/changes, upgrades/downgrades, …)


Our design process relies on two steps, that we can upon request handle from A to Z. To begin, a project needs a complex technical construction plan (“blueprint”). This ensure we know exactly what parts we need and how to build everything.

Then, comes the cosmetic part. A two dimensional computer generated render. This representation of the colours, shapes, scale and design of the watch will be changed and adapted upon your requirements.

Only when you are fully satisfied with the completed design we can then start to discuss about whether it is technically and financially possible to manufacture the watch, and to determine its final production cost.

3 D design.

The next stage is to convert the 2-dimensional design to a 3-dimensional design. Our 3D renders are breathtaking, they are realistic representations of your watch. When they are ready, you have the freedom to start the marketing or sales of your project immediately.

3 D film productions

The 3D rendering programs we work with are very powerful and functional. If you’re in need of a small video showing your watches under different angles and lights, this is something we can do.

Minimum investment and risks.

Thanks to our approach and methodology, you benefits from both low investment requirements and low risk. Based on the feedback you will earn through the marketing/market studies phases, we will adjust together the design to ensure optimal chances of success.

Only when the feedback is satisfying in its majority and that our agreements are ready, you can start the production safely with virtually no risks.

No minimum order quantities.

Our only requirement is most of the time a minimum of 300 watch cases. Being one of the parts that need the most time to be manufactured, we always want our customers to have them ready when they are sold out, to be able to manufacture the other needed parts quickly and continue to sell.

All other parts can be produced in smaller numbers, or arranged to be produced, or purchased.

For example :

A watch can be purchased in an amount of 40 COMPLETE pieces. By developing and manufacturing the 300 watch cases in advance, you have access to quick changes and variations giving you the opportunity to create various models, to build a complete collection starting from a single production.

You can change your mind on the remaining watch cases and suddenly decide to ask us to plate them in black, gold, pink, red, or to change the finish (polished, brushed, sandblasted). Create a matching face and hands for it and you have a different watch, starting a collection with minimal investment and risks !

Watch samples.

Once production is started and that the 30% deposit of the total sum is paid for, the manufacturing can start, and samples can be made for you to approve the rest of the order to be produced. At this stage, minor adjustments are still possible.

A minimal production time is around 12 weeks, more or less depending on a project’s complexity.

Services available upon request

  • Building your website
  • Coaching about how to build an email list of interrest/clients
  • Coaching about best practices for promotions, social media posting and forums
  • Introducing you in our own Microbrand Facebook group (12k members and growing)
  • Make all your packaging & support (warranty cards, instruction manual, …)
  • Small video showing the 3D render in different position/lighting/rotation

And many other things. Just ask us, the list of things can help you with is too long to be detailed here fully.

If you have any questions not covered in this informative document, please do not hesitated into contacting us by email. We’ll be happy to start a conversation and help you with more informations or references.