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May 01, 2015 AUTHOR: MoveSignSTime@_admin
Custom Automatic GMT Complication
Are you familiar with the quest for a GMT watch movement at a reasonable price level?
Good news. It has arrived.


The market background

Like so many manufacturers you probably have been searching for that affordable GMT movement that your customers would love to purchase in one of your watch designs. We know the result of your search: expensive Swiss movements with hard-to-swallow sales conditions, or Asian movements that have not proven themselves in terms of reliability.
Still no manufacturer has jumped into the market segment of a reliable, medium priced GMT movement. We couldn’t wait any longer.

Our Goal

After being confronted with that same question of our customers for too many times, we decided to try the impossible: to create that GMT movement that can fill a gap in the market.
We cooperated with our Swiss manufacturing partner that actually has adapted Swiss movements to have a GMT function in the past already. Our goal was to create a GMT movement based on a well known, reliable base caliber that has proven itself over and over: the Seiko-TMI NH.

The Result

In fact we took a sample of the NH36(essentially the OEM version of the Seiko 4R36 movement) and had it adopted to have a date and GMT function instead of date and day. Our Swiss partner actually liked the NH movement a lot and found it very suitable for its intended use.
We are confident that this movement exactly fills up the gap between expensive Swiss movements with a long lead-time and Asian products that have a low price but often lack in reliability.
Think about that for a while. A Seiko caliber with GMT at a price level well below the Swiss products. Sounds like a plan?

The Summary

Remember that the quality of a movement is decided by the base caliber. The transformation into a GMT movement technically does not influence the caliber. It is not even that complicated if you know what you are doing.
So, next time when you are looking for a reliable, medium priced GMT movement, you already know the result of your search and whom to contact!
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