After manufacturing watches for more than 10 years, we started to observe trends that every successful project share. The primordial element of a strong brand is the design. A good design is the sum of all the elements composing it as a whole, transformed in an « experience » with the adding of « storytelling ».

There are two key factors to a successful and professional project :

1) The notion of concept.

as we mentioned « storytelling », you watch need to tell a story. Your watch needs a coherent « raison d’être » that will bring all the elements composing the design together and form something unique. You need to set yourself apart in a market where new competitors can appear everyday.

Not every clients has enough time or creativity to invest in the creation of a complex or well articulated concept. Upon request, we can handle this part easily. Our modus operandi emphasize on communications. Listening carefully to our client’s requirements allows us to offer a concept born from a specific design language, or to offer a tailored « turn-key » concept from our powerful database.

2) Construction and engineering.

These two elements are critical in the elaboration of your project. These operations will make the real life product to look the same as the one we’d design with our clients. Our method consist in starting the engineering and construction during the design process already, in order to make the real life product even better than the render, and avoid all visual difference between these two.

Because these tasks require exceptional precision and thoroughness, It is necessary to employ highly competent professionals.Our team is constituted of two mechanical engineers, two modelers,and a senior industrial designer who supervises these departments and their connections.

Our senior designer personally monitor the entire manufacturing process to make sure there is no margin for errors.


The design is actually the « fun » part of a project, but it is not the miracle ingredient. A strong design language need to be backed by meticulously collected data. It is critical to insure the hard work is not thrown away to a random target, who has no interest into buying the final product.

Positioning of your product – The most important decision of a project will be to position it in the market, and to find ways to connect and focus on your specific target group. This is something every person wishing to enter the business should define before even approaching a supplier. Defining the true identity of your brands goes though positioning. There is a wide spectrum of positions between the « luxury» and the « affordable » segments. Determining which one correspond to a project require to know exactly who are the target customers.

A popular request is to manufacture an « affordable watch ». There is nothing wrong having such a business plan, but there’s a pitfall. Among the watch community there’s a a famous saying « you get what you pay for ». Always looking for the cheapest price will make you end up in a cheap looking watch. We have built a lot of « affordable » watch projects with clients, and have developed a threshold of security regarding quality level to protect them a maximum against potential manufacturing defects.


Although many suppliers decide to skip this part, we realized that realistic computer generated imagery (render) is more a necessity than luxury.

With this, we are able to show the client an accurate fictional vision of how is product is going to look like. This phase is the last call for a client to have possible changes and upgrades made before we push the button and start manufacturing.

The production of such high quality imagery allows us to form a mutual agreement with the client on the look of the expected product. Such renders can be used to print catalogues, to make advertisements, to display on website or to conduct market researches. This methodology is a formidable bonus for the client, who gets to save a lot of money on fancy photography session and expensive samples.


Samples are another part of the agreement. Many suppliers notably on Alibaba will rush to offer clients handmade samples, and these unfortunately will never turn out the same as the mass production.

We make samples directly from the mould. It takes a but longer but our clients get the security that they are 100% accurate and the same as mass production. We call this phase « production samples » and this are usually delivery 4 to 6 weeks before the mass production delivery.


This is the list of the professional softwares used to create our design and watches :

  • Coreldraw
  • Solidworks
  • Rhino
  • Blender
  • Cinema 4D
  • Keyshot